Artist Statement

I think of my paintings as each comprising a small, often curious mythology, which addresses a shared understanding of loss and longing in the contemporary world, while at the same time revealing a fascination with the magical and poetic. In my paintings, I use metaphors and symbols to create magical and fantastic associations as a way of describing reality, which may resonate more closely with our experiences than more realistic or naturalistic modes of expression. Through the juxtaposition and interweaving of contradictory and sometimes incongruent imagery, I strive to create images that throw the viewer into this kind of understanding, where it doesn’t seem strange that a giant dress floats in a harbor, or that a hundred foot tall woman towers over a village. I am interested in creating a sense of having revealed what was always already there, a sense of being simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar, estranged and intimate, sorrowful and whimsical.

I use narrative elements in my paintings in order to discover and explore the idea that identity and relationships are, in fact, composed of stories: the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell others, the stories we choose to remember, the stories we choose to forget. My paintings are filled with allusions to the romance, the caper, the disaster; filled with bits of text that suggest a children’s primer or lexicon; and filled with characters, tropes, and odd, diorama-like settings. They are filled with story shapes that are familiar and resonant, and suggest that these images are meant to be read.

Although my paintings naturally reflect my life, they are not strictly illustrations of my experiences, but rather they contain metaphors and allegories for my understanding of the world around me. In this respect you are invited to interpret the signs in order to create your own understanding, to decide or discover for yourself whether these are moments within a story about leaving or returning, loss or recovery, connection or disconnection, the past or the present, remembering or forgetting.

2005 MFA, Painting, University of Wisconsin – Madison
2004 MA, Painting, University of Wisconsin – Madison
2000 BFA, Painting, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
1995 BA, Philosophy, Vassar College,Poughkeepsie, NY
    (* solo shows marked by asterisk)
2012 Portland Biennial, Disjecta, Marylhurst Art Gym, Portland, OR
2011 Gimme Baby Robots VII, Seattle, Portland (co-curator)
2010 UNDER/100, #2 Print Shop, Portland, OR (curator)
  Gimme Baby Robots VI, Chicago, Seattle, Portland (co-curator)
  I Want To Feel At Home Here, Milepost 5, Portland, OR
  *Selected Paintings, Akasu, Portland, OR
  Young Visionaries, Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts, Eugene, OR
  *Set Adrift By Minor Catastrophes, Helzer Gallery, PCC Rock Creek
  Disjecta benefit auction
2009 *Great Beginnings Can Come to the Smallest Things, #2 Print Shop, Portland, OR
  Faculty Exhibition, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, OR
  *Some words about leaving; Some words about coming home, The Living Room, Portland, OR
  *Why Have You Stayed Away For So Long? Studio 2507, Portland, OR
2008 WORD: A Celebration of Font and Text, IFCC, Portland, OR
  Divine, Tilt Project Space, Portland, OR
  Gimme Baby Robots IV, Memphis, Chicago, Milwaulkie, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle
  64 Down, Fivepoints Arthouse, San Francisco, CA
  Faculty Exhibition, Portland Community College—Rock Creek, OR
2007 Palace, Alexander Gallery, Portland, OR
  PCC Rock Creek, Faculty Show, Portland, OR
2006 Prints for PICA, Studio 333, Portland, OR
  Cue Arts Foundation, NY, NY
  Sweet Baby Meat, one ten gallery, Madison, WI
2005 Gimmie Baby Robots, one ten gallery, Madison, WI
  *MFA exhibition, Commonwealth Gallery, Madison, WI
2004 Graduate Painting show, UW-Madison
  3rd year MFA candidate show, UW- Madison
  *MA exhibition, UW-Madison
  Ironworks, Madison, WI
  *7th Floor gallery, UW- Madison
  2nd year MFA candidate show, UW- Madison
2003 Figure .03, Edgewood Community College, Madison, WI
  1st year MFA candidate show, UW- Madison
2002 *Low Brow Lounge, Portland, OR
2001 *Multnomah Art Center, Portland, OR
  PNCA, Faculty Show, Portland, OR
  Multnomah Art Center, Faculty Show, Portland, OR
  *Bridgeport Brewery, Portland, OR
2000 *PNCA Thesis Exhibition, Portland, OR
  Bridgeport Brewery, Portland, OR
1999 *PNCA student gallery, Portland, OR
1998-99 PNCA Juried Show, Portland, OR
2007 W.K. Rose Fellowship
2005 Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant
2004 Edith L. Gilbertson Scholarship
2003 Departmental Scholarship, UW-Madison
2002 Hal Lotterman Fellowship, UW-Madison
1999 Jacob and Ruth Cole Kainen Scholarship, PNCA
  Nancy Tonkin Scholarship, PNCA
  Voorhies drawing award, PNCA
2005-present Instructor: Painting and Drawing
    Portland Community College, Portland, OR
2005-07 Instructor: Painting and Drawing
    Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, OR
2000-05 Instructor: Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking
    Pacific Northwest College of Art
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Multnomah Art Center
    St. Mary’s Home for Boys